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Red Willow Studio is an acoustically treated, flexible and well-equipped space to record the sounds of Nashville’s eclectic music scene. With its uniquely homey tracking room and stress-free atmosphere, artists feel inspired and ready for a memorable performance under the microphone.

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"Will's composition and arranging abilities astound me. He's able to convert my often vague musical ideas into full compositional foundations in moments. His vast knowledge of different musical styles reverberate throughout his unique projects. He's great!"

-Anna Arata | singer, songwriter & bandleader

-Hey, Listen

"I had the pleasure of working with Will Padgett at Red Willow Studio. The studio itself is a beautiful space with a great selection of high quality gear. During my recording, we had the opportunity to use the grand piano which was truly a treat. Will himself is a highly trained musician, studio manager, and recording professional. Not only was he an absolute delight to work with, but he worked diligently to curate the specific sound I was searching for during my recording. I highly recommend Will Padgett at Red Willow Studio. Come to get work done, feel inspired, and create something amazing! I hope to be back there soon."

-Charles Kay | Saxophonist, Chicago IL

The Studio

Red Willow Studio

817 Battlefield Dr, Nashville TN 37204

Red Willow Studio is a project studio with the space, equipment and inputs to record professional-quality tracks in a low-pressure environment, with attractive hourly and day rates. Engineer is included.

Red Willow Studio is an excellent choice for:

  • Band rehearsal demos
  • Audition tapes
  • Music video performance
  • Overdubs
  • 5’2” Boston baby grand piano
  • Korg Stage Vintage keyboard
  • Novation Ultranova DCO synthesizer
  • Industry-standard software synths (incl. Omnisphere, Massive, Absynth, Reaktor, Albion, Zebra)
Other Instruments:
  • Pearl Masters Custom Extra 4 pc kit, Vermillion (mid-90s) w/ Supralite snare drum, Zildjian K series cymbals
  • Fender J Bass, Natural Ash (MIM)
  • Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar
  • Olds Ambassador B-flat Trumpet
  • Congas, Shakers, Claves, Guiros, and other hittable things
  • Alto Ocarina, Wooden Tenor Recorder, Stradivari Full-size Accordion
  • 2x sE4400a’s
  • Shure ksm44
  • 2x Rode nt5’s
  • Sennheiser MK 4
  • Shure sm7b
  • 3x Shure sm57’s, 2x sm58’s
  • 2x Sennheiser e835’s
  • Electro-Voice ND/868
  • Tascam dr-2d field recorder
Inputs & Monitoring:
  • MOTU 1248 Audio Interface (32 inputs & outputs)
  • Focusrite ISA One preamp
  • KRK Rokit 6 nearfield monitors with KRK 10s subwoofer
  • ATH-M50 tracking/mixing headphones
  • Shure SRH440 tracking headphones
  • 16 Scarlett preamps, 4 separate monitor mixes
  • Roland KC-100 Amplifier Mixer
  • QSC K10 Powered Speaker
Effects & Processing:
  • (2) dbx160a rack compressors
  • “The Glue” SSL-style compressor
  • Solid Mix series by Native Instruments
  • Valhalla Room reverb
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb
  • Logic X plugin library
  • Full Soundtoys FX suite
  • Guitar Rig 5

The large, private back patio is nice for quiet breaks.Patrons are welcome to use the kitchen and grill. A full band is a happy band!

The Team


Will Padgett

Producer, Arranger, Pianist


Born-and-raised Nashville native; Will has been performing, composing, and producing music from a young age. His unique sound is a blend of refined jazz and classical with rootsy soul and Americana styles. Works part-time as a vocal accompanist at Belmont University’s School of Music; was bandleader of a retired top regional swing band (Gnarly Parkers); and plays jazz clubs and songwriter nights all over Nashville. His experience in the studio and on stage is an invaluable resource for recording, arranging, and producing any project.


Gnarly Parkers - "Hop Heads"

Josh Salazar

Josh Salazar

Audio Engineering


Andrew Conner

Audio Engineering, Asst Producer


Producer and recording/mix engineer working out of his studio, Iron Oak Recording, in Nashville Tennessee. Has worked on records for Nashville up-and-comers such as Taylor Noelle’s “Out of My System,” Rand’s “Blame It on the Internet,” and Stephen Day’s “Undergrad Romance and the Moses in Me” – the opening track of which reached #2 globally on Spotify’s Viral 50 charts


Taylor Noel - "Out of My System"

Rand - "Blame It On The Internet"


Zach Jase Warrington

Video & Editing


Leslie Dorst Garbis

Vocal Coach


Leslie Dorst Garbis has been featured in dozens of regional productions of theatre, opera, revues and cabaret in the Southeast and on cruise ships, and studio recordings, and has had conducting roles various musical theatre productions and choirs. She is now an adjunct faculty member at Belmont University’s School of Music, teaching private voice majors.


"Will Padgett"

"Playthings: From the Soul"

"Hop Heads"

Mixed by Eric Heveron-Smith

Tracked by Luke Craig

"Same Old"

Mixed by Andrew Conner

"Charles Kay Quartet"

"An 8 bit EP "

First 4 tracks recorded at Red Willow Studio

Recent Recordings @ Red Willow Studio.


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